Tuesday, January 11

Time Flies

Wow!   Today is my oldest child’s birthday.  I can’t believe he is turning 29!  and on 1-11-11 !!   Where did the years go?

Look how bright eyed and alert he was!   I think he was 2 weeks old here.

First Grade

Senior 2000 -  He went through many stages.  At least he had blonde hair in this one!

Eric and his Daughter Cailin – 2002  (she lived 11 days)


Eric and his Son Carter - 2007

Eric and his Wife Jennifer.

Doing what he loves!   He cooked breakfast for us while on vacation.. Oregon Coast 2009

December 2009 -  The nail in the heart incident and the Miracle!

Tahoe vacation 2010

You’ve been through more than any 29 year old should have to experience.  You’ve grown, and matured and turned into a fine young man.  I’m proud of you.  I love you and look forward to experiencing many more Happy Birthday’s with you!

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Cherie said...

He is a handsome guy with beautiful blue eyes and a great smile! He has already done alot in his 29 years.

Happy Birthday!!

Lorie said...

What a touching Post Michelle! Happy birthday Eric!

Jenn said...

Fantastic post :)

Scrappy Girl said...

He is so handsome. I remember the nail incident...such a miracle!

My First Card said...

Mother's love and family.... Michelle... you made me cry ... I feel so empowered after reading this post. Happy Birthday to Eric and bless his family. He's so amazing.

Linda Peterson said...

What an awesome son you have!! Unbelievable what he has seen in his life. As you as his mother, you have gone thru the heartache, worry, and joys with him. Happy Birthday!!

Roger said...

Michelle I thought you were 29 ;) Happy B-day to your boy!

Julie Harward said...

What a cute baby he was and those funny old car seats, oh my. A darling little boy and oh my, the piercings and all they go through at that age! Then life hits them..it is so real, and then they grow up! What an amazing trip it all is! :D