Tuesday, January 4

The First Temptation

So I heard on Air1 this morning a little blurb about resolutions.   How many people make the resolution, every January 1st to lose weight?   I would be a negative figure if I lost everything I had hoped each year..   After listening to this positive blurb…  I decided to look at it a little differently.   

The first temptation in the Bible was what?   The forbidden fruit…   (aka….  Food).  Come on Adam….  Lets take a bite of that fruit…  Man,  my mouth is really watering at the sight of it…  If you just take a bite first then I’ll have one.  I promise you won’t regret it!

Food temptations are mentioned several times in the bible…   Remember when Jesus was tempted to turn stone into bread to prove that he is the Son of God?  He resisted the temptation…

I wouldn’t put old yucky oily muck in my Car for fuel..  It probably wouldn’t make it across town.  Sort of like stuffing my face with cookies and chips. I feel like crapola if I eat too many.    Healthy food makes our brains think clearer and our bodies Healthier and work more efficient.  

Food is the number one addiction in American.   It affects more people on earth than drugs and alcohol combined.    10 years ago a 300 pound person was considered extremely obese.   Now its not uncommon to see 800 + pound people seeking treatment.   Grade school children are seeking medical help for weights over 200 pounds!   Shocking!

I don’t believe in drastic measures or fad diets.  I sit at a desk for 9+ hours a day..  My goal is to get moving and eat healthier.  Fortunately my office has a gym so I can go after work. Last Spring I went 3+ days a week. If I go home first, chances are I’m not  leaving.  There are a lot of healthy delicious foods to choose from..  I’m not going to deprive myself.   On special occasions I’m sure I’ll indulge myself.

So… the plan is….  I’m going to respect my body and take care of it.. It houses my Soul.   I want to enjoy my Grandchildren for many more years.  

If I post publically maybe it will be a little easier to do?   Highly unlikely!   It will be one of the hardest things in my life. It will always be a temptation.   But at least I’ll keep trying until I get it right.   (as soon as the sugar cookies are gone)

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Lorie said...

Hey there Michelle! I'm right with you in making a healthy change in my eating and exercising. One thing that I'm doing to help is a Bible study called Made to Crave. I'm going to link you to it as I think you'd really enjoy it to. Let me know if you have any questions!


Scrappy Girl said...

Every year the same old thing...lose weight...lose weight...lose weight. I would love one year to say..."I don't need to lose weight." A girl can dream. Good luck with your goals!

GinnaG's Paper Fun said...

Right on girlie. That is my plan too this year. Have you ever check out Cathy Zielske @
That is what she did last year and posted about her progress. She also have designed digi templates for a
I thought you would be interested and that the digi templates would be something that you would appreciate and use.
I plan to use them for that PUSH I need. Also I think that being accountable is a good idea.
So here is wishing US luck and determination.