Sunday, January 30

Wedding Season

Wedding Season will soon be here.  Brides and their Mothers are busily planning for the big day.   One of my Blogger friends,  Cherie over at Bakow Babble has a daughter getting married soon.   She has been trying to get ideas from her readers.   

As most of you know, my Daughter Ashley was married to her Prince David in June of 2010.    I had fun going through the 5000+ photo’s to pick out a few to share.    This will give Cherie a few fun ideas.  We did almost everything ourselves. From building the backdrop to painting, to sewing flowers.  I hope you enjoy the slideshow..  



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Scrappy Girl said...

I had to sit and watch them again. When Cherie asked for ideas I suggested she come check out this wedding. One of the most beautiful I have seen.

Linda Peterson said...

Love the pictures!! What a beautiful wedding!

Diane said...

TFS Michele!
Beautiful pics,beautiful wedding!!!

Cherie said...

Truly a beautiful wedding! You guys did an AWESOME job!!!
I love outdoor weddings I wish we could count on the weather in March.
Now I know why I missed seeing this wedding - it happened when I had my surgery and I was not on the computer for a good month.
Thanks for re-posting these pictures for me - I see lots of really fun ideas!

P.S. Your daughter is gorgeous!!!

Tandra said...

Hi Mish! Stunning!! those pics should be in a wedding planners magazine! What a lovely wedding story they tell! love the colors, the setup, bride and groom are adorbale! That yellow sideboard-LOVE!!! The chalkboards, the chandelier and shutters..awesome!You are amazing....

thanks for visiting my blog too!

Pam Speidel said...

Hi Mish!
These photos really belong in a Bridal Magazine! Incredible creativity and such a fun theme! ♥

Da Bergs said...

Holy cow, I LOVE these pics!!! I am sending my friend to come look at these!!! NICE!!! Everything is so perfect!!!