Wednesday, September 30


Yaquina Bay is quite large.  The large bridge that I’ve been sharing with you in previous posts, crosses over the bay near the mouth.   We drove around the edge,  back about 5 miles to the Oregon Oyster Farm.  What a fascinating place..  seeing how they farm the oysters on nets attached to poles hanging in the bay..    We bought a small bucket,  took them home and pan fried a few.  The rest went into the freezer for a later date.  It was red tide so we couldn’t do any shooters.   They all had to be cooked.

You can order them on line and they’ll Fedex fresh ones…  right to your front door.  Check it out HERE.   
See that nice white edge of the water?   That is oyster shells that the workers shuck…  They’re quite blinding when walking up to the edge. 

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Vita Stunder said...

Gorgeous captures! :)
Have a great day!

Linnea W said...

That's an interesting spot to visit...don't particularly care for oysters, though...hope you enjoyed yours!

Ann said...

Sounds like an interesting place to visit, and the scenery is lovely, but those oysters, I wouldn't eat one if you paid me.

eileeninmd said...

Great post and looks like an interesting place. Thanks for sharing.

April said...

WOW! So many oyster shells...I wonder if they will be processed for calcium supplements. We used to go picking oysters at one time - they taste really good coated in a batter and then fried. I enjoyed your post. Great pictures!

Barbara said...

That is alot of shells. You guys did alot on your trip & looks like you had a great time. Smiles B

Barbara said...

Hey Mish,
I forgot to let you know that yes Rob told me he say you at Golden Corral. They tried to make it in time for breakfast but missed out on most of it as only had a few pancakes & such left.... Next time they need to be more timely..I wasn't hungry enough to make the buffet worth the price so I just stayed home this time.
Big Smiles B

JOE TODD said...

Love oysters thanks for the link. I have ordered from Pikes market in Seattle before. I always enjoy visiting your part of the world

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

That's a whole lot of oysters! My dad would have loved it! He always tried to make me eat some... ew! Nope, not-gonna-do-it! LOL

Della said...

Thanks for sharing!

Marju said...

Beautiful pictures and very rocky beaches in the photo!