Sunday, September 20


My Grandson, Carter turned two on the fifteenth. I can't believe it! Time sure does fly! His birthday party was last weekend. Man! I wish I had half of his energy! The party was at a local park. He ripped into his presents and had alot of fun. He was throwing paper, packages and toy airplanes! The entire family was having fun watching him open the presents. Here are a few pictures to share. Most of the pictures I snapped were blurry. He moves too fast!! LOL!

It was such a calm evening. The sunset was beautiful to end such a perfect day!


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Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

OH BOY!! He looks like he had such a blast! What a handsome little boy! As well everyone else is having so much fun.
What a beautiful evening to celebrate the day!


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Michelle... Carter looks like he had so much fun. That park looks like a wonderful place to have a two year old birthday party! Happy birthday to your grandson!

Linda Peterson said...

What a wonderful little grandson you have!!
I can remember when my oldest grandchild was that age--and now she is a freshman in college---scary how fast the time goes. Enjoy every single day with him.