Sunday, September 27

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

We woke up to heavy rain and wind one morning.  A couple of limbs from the tree's next to the deck even broke off.   It was crazy.   When the rain finally stopped,  we ventured out.   The guys decided they wanted to go Crabbing so we girls decided to go visit a couple of light houses.

The Seas were raging and glorious!!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse.


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Scrappy Girl said...

Cool water. I love lighthouses...we had our family pics made one year at one in NC.

Cynthia said...

Stunning photos! Man, I miss weekend trips to the coast so badly. Oh, the pre-kid life. It was so adventurous. I guess it will be again someday when they grow up and the Hubs and I can take a fabulous trip like that- just the 2 of us!

Barbara said...

Wow Love those waves....