Monday, September 21

We caught Crabs!

One of our favorite things to do is go Crabbing while at the coast. We went several times and cooked up a few of them while there. The dock is in the bay near the Brewery. Alot of people go. The weekend was crazy but by the middle of the week it calmed down and only a few people were on the dock.

No dumpster diving this trip! We were able to get free Tuna carcasses from a ship that just came in from a fishing trip. It makes great bait.

We caught dozens of crabs but most of them were either female or too small. I think we kept about a total of eight for the entire week.


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Scrappy Girl said...

I was just about to call Dr. Hubby for a prescription for ya...LOL!

Great photos...I have never went crabbin'.

My mom is on her way here and we are going to make lots and lots of cards this week! Yay!

Cynthia said...

Awwhhh. Poor crab in that last photo!

I've been over that bridge a few times but have never seen it from that vantage point. Cool photos. Looks like a great trip.

Mary said...

I love crabbing personally. Great pics! Although it's so odd to see folks in jackets!!

Euroangel said...

i love eating crabs..mje and my blogs are following you now..feel free to follow..thanks

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