Sunday, June 14

Catching Up

Today I’m trying to catch up on my Scripture Challenge cards and the His Holy Name Challenge. I made 8 - 4x4 digital pages for the scripture challenge and 2 - 6x6 pages for the His Holy Name challenge.

I’ve had a headache since last Wednesday and haven’t felt real well. During our yard sale yesterday I had several bloody noses; and again today. Two years ago I had to have my nose cauterized, which was an awful horrible experience and I don’t want to have it done again. Basically a vein in my nose cracks because of dryness. I use a humidifier, saline spray in my nose, moisturizing gel.. etc… Its been raining for weeks now and the air is pretty humid. I can’t believe this is happening! Its not just a simple nose bleed. It gushes and in a split second my shirt is covered with blood. It takes about 20 minutes to stop…

I decided to take it easy today… basically not doing much but be creative. ( I did do two batches of laundry) . I haven’t had a bleed for about 4 hours. I’m crossing my fingers and toes.. It I have to have it cauterized again… I’m getting anesthetic! My nose was packed for a week last time! Nothing like having a big ole tampon hanging out the nose!

Anyway… I printed out my projects. Now I need to cut them out. Glue to the 4x4 coasters and 6x6 scrap pages and add a little extra bling. I hope to share them with you this week!

OH! and I made a new blog header.. Did you notice? All using Photoshop elements 7



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Kerri said...

I'm so sorry you are having nosebleeds. I wonder if nosebleeds and headaches go together.....have you had that checked out?
I visit your site often but don't always comment.

I LOVE the new header...that is VERY creative!

Did you have a tutorial to help you....or did you teach yourself how to do that? I would love to learn.

I LOVE the scripture challenge cards as well.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Those projects are so wonderful and inspiring Michelle. I have figured out the whole digital scrapbooking thing and am loving it.
Sorry about your headaches and nosebleeds, my youngest son suffers from both of those too.
God bless

Brandy said...

Mama Mish if you make a little book out of those I will SO buy one. Seriously.