Monday, June 8

Think Pink

We’ve had rain, thunder, lighting, hail, and flashfloods. The sun is out today and everything looks glorious!

This only happens once a year; so I have to take advantage of the beauty! The lighter pink peonies are now in blooms! Aren’t they pure bliss??

Ok… so maybe I got a little carried away… but I can’t help it! I wish they would bloom all summer!!


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Barbara said...

I agree I wish they bloomed all summer..... there is no thing as too much when it comes to flowers.
Smiles Barbara

Mary at My New 30 said...


Maria said...

Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous flower. I really need to use my camera more often. My husband recently bought me the Rebel XSi. I had the Rebel XTi . . I gave it to my daughter so she and I can take pictures together. Love your pictures!


Jane ... said...

I totally agree--those peony blooms don't last long enough. Your fotos are beautiful! Please let me know how you created such an adorable signature! I promise I won't copy yours. :D LOVE IT!