Sunday, February 8

Girls Day

Saturday was Girls day. We stamped and Scrapped from about 9AM until about 3PM. Its so much fun to get together and visit. Its so relaxing and enjoyable. We're going to try and do it several times a year! I made valentines and will be showing you them later in the week....

Here is a sneak peak of tomorrow....

Like my jammies???

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Lorie said...

Looks like fun my friend! I need to put something like this together. Even a shoebox swap would be fun....hmmmm...add that to a movie and yummie...what a day! :o)

Cherie said...

That looks like fun. I love getting a group together for a Girls Night of crafting and cardmaking or anything - hee hee.
Hooray for Girlfriends!!

tara @ kidz said...

Hooray for crafty Saturdays! We did that every Saturday in Jan. I already miss it!

Maria said...

Hey Michelle!! My son recently moved out of our home and I want to use his room to store some of my craft room but my husband says the room is off limits because i already have a craft room. He wants to use it as a guest room! Whaaa! How often do we have guest sleep over? Not often. What a waste of space! LOL!!

Glad to hear that you'll have a new craft room! How exciting!! It's looking good so far!!


Barbara said...

You've made alot of progress. You'll love it when you get it done.
Carol from photophase tagged me and I am tagging you...hope you want to play along one time...simply post your sixth picture from your sixth file...then tag six others Smiles B