Wednesday, May 28


I bought this new telephoto lense for my camera a few weeks ago.
Yesterday I went out to the backyard to read and look what I spotted. I hurried and grabbed my camera before Tanner spotted them too. Aren't they the cutest couple? Did you know that Quail mate for life?

I started my new position yesterday as an IT Programmer.. (same Company) My brain is full and buzzing! My new boss gave me these books a couple of weeks ago for some lite reading. I received this many more today.
karma.. even in the most difficult circumstances, do not complain, panic or lose hope..
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Sharon said...

Your visiting couple are so beautiful. Of course I would say that. I knew that about quail mating for life. Boring books, sorry. Thanks for visiting me.

Cristie said...

I would like a telephoto lens. Do you have the Canon Rebel XT? That's what I have. I love the quail picture. Good luck with your new job. I'm ready to move on too, but there's not many options at store level either. So I'll just keep keepin on.

Roger said...

Ohhhh nice lens! Can I barrow it? LOL I wont drop it I swear! Nice quail shot! Good luck in your new position!! :D

Mel M. M. M. said...

Oh those quails are angelic! Your photos are stunning! WOW! I didn't know they mated for life, but I did know that geese do. Thanks for sharing those sweet pics, :0) mel