Saturday, May 3

Blog Candy

Hey! Its been awhile since I've offered Candy! You want Candy!! I need to do this quick because Mothers day is coming... although you don't necessarily have to create a Mothers day card, you can do scrap pages or other fun stuff with this stamp set. This is the March SOTM - Simple Beauty from CTMH; Retired and no longer available for purchase. Leave a special comment about your mom and I will put you into the drawing for Saturday May 3rd!!
Mention this Blog Candy on your blog and leave me an extra comment with the link. You will get an extra entry !! Help spread the news!

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

My mother has got to be the kindest, most caring person on the planet. I consider myself very blessed to be able to say this!
Even though I am in my 40's, she is still the one person that looks out for me, worries about me, and has the heart of a angel. I guess that word sums up my thoughts pretty well ... my mother really is an angel.

Diane said...

Hi Michelle,I've put your candy on my blog.
Although my Mother is no longer with us,she was and still is the Greatest Mother anyone could have!
She always there to comfort us,help
us,make us laugh,help us through good times and hard times! Now I know she is One Special Angel watching over me!!!
Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful stamp set Michelle!!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

What a Sweet blog you have...My mom died of Breast Cancer two years ago. Until her dying day she was always a Great source of Inspiration to me...Ladies get your Mammograms, Please!!!!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Sure! Link coming up.
I am confused on the other part. Am I suppossed to make a card?

Speedy likes candy ... "Skittles are the best"

Diana said...

Thanks Michelle for giving my mom my apprecation and love. She is one person always on my side. And she always wants to know what I am doing and how she can help me. I like also to watch my sister being a mother to my neices. How much love is in their hearts for their children. To all mothers in our lives. Thanks again. Diana

Sindi said...

I came by your blog because I always see your smiling face when I go to make a comment on Speedys' blog. I am so glad I did. Your blog looks so cool.I also like to make things. Your quote on your side bar touched me the most.It is such a wonderful thought.

Gog Bless and Have a Wonderful Day.:-)

Judy said...

Ha! I did it!!!!!!!!! You could have hidden it better -- not. I love your blog it makes my life seem so dull. All of course, except for the grandson -- pretty soon I will have two!!

Judy Robello

Anonymous said...

Did I Win? / Hi From Speedy *mobile*