Tuesday, May 20


Camping and fishing was a huge success.. Once we got the camper unhitched and level and was all settled in, My Handyman and I started relaxing. We went to Brownlee Reservoir and stayed at Farewell Bend State Park. Gotta love full hook-ups! Especially when you're in the desert and the weekend was around 100 degree's every day! It was HOT HOT HOT!!! We cussed under our breath; but once we hit the river every afternoon and was sitting in the shade, a cooler full of water, and a slight breeze was blowing; with our poles in the water we were just fine. I caught a 22 inch Catfish and a 16 inch Bass. Late afternoon the Crappie started biting. Every cast we were catching something, nearly 100 fish each day. We were having so much fun! We kept only the large ones. A few were over 2 pounds. It was a full moon so we were able to see the bobber until about 10 pm. I slept like a baby every night.. Much better than sitting in the cubicle each day or doing chores at home! We're planning a fish fry over the weekend.

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Judy said...

Glad you had such a great camping trip. The fish were really biting.

Diane said...

Such a lovely layout Michelle!
Glad you enjoyed your weekend!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Woo! That is great work Michelle. Stunning!!!

... and I am very jealous :-)