Thursday, May 1

Random Crap

Random Crap from A to Z

A - Attached or Single? Attached
B - Best Friend? Wilt
C - Cake or Pie? Lemon Pie.
D - Day of choice? Saturday
E - Essential Item? Mascara – have you ever seen me without it?
F - Favorite Color? Red
G - Greatest Accomplishment? My Children
H - Hometown? Kuna
I - Indulgences – All of my crafting supplies
J - January or July? July
K – Kids? Eric, Janelle, Ashley
L - Life is incomplete without? My family. I wish I had more time with everyone.
M - Marriage Date? April 21
N - Number of Siblings? 2 spoiled rotten sisters and 1 ornery brother
O - Oranges or Apples? Granny Apples
P - Phobias? None that I can come up with
Q - Quotes? Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing our kids!
R - Reason to smile? God’s Blessings
S - Season? Fall-I love the changing colors and it’s still warm during the day but cool at night.
T - Tag 3 friends – What if I don’t have any friends? You’re all tagged!
U - Unknown fact about me – I applied for a new job
V - Very favorite star? I think Tim Daly is HOT!
W - Worst Habit? Gum
X - X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y - Your favorite food? Medium rare steak with baked potato and salad
Z - Zodiac? Pisces
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Cristie said...

what job did you apply for?????