Thursday, February 23

Project 52 – Week 8

Today was Mikes funeral.  I was afraid that it was going to be dark and rainy like yesterday.   The sun came out and it was a really pretty day.  The wind was a little brisk but it was nice.

The service was at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery.  We drove to the top of the hill which overlooks the Boise Valley and  as I gazed up to the Giant Flag blowing in the wind,  I snapped a shot of the flag with the sun shining just behind it.

This photo works great for My Four Hens week 8 theme, which is LIGHT.

I love how the sunlight shines through and around the flag and reflects on the clouds.


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Mama Bair said...

I hope your family are doing well and that your Mom feels comforted.

mE said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss. Our prayers are with you guys.

I love this photo. It is gorgeous and I am so happy it was a beautiful day for you guys.