Thursday, February 16


I found out while reading another blog that the Google Connect that we've all been using for several years to follow other blogs is retiring March 1st. I use it for a quick way to read blogs that I like... I guess like everything we need to move on and change. I created a new Linky Followers for all of you, my friends to link to if you so desire. See it on my right sidebar. (I will remove the Google Connect at the end of the month).

Here is a funny picture I found in my camera last weekend. I must had accidentally taken it when I was taking pictures at a dinner. Kind of funny huh?


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Cherie said...

Google is on my poop list right now!
I did not know they were getting rid of the Friend connect - seriously - UGH!

They are also responsible for the demise of Picnik - which I may never forgive them for! I predict their stock falling hard in the near future :-O giggle

This picture is kind of funny but I love the close up. You are beautiful!