Saturday, February 11

Project 52 – Week 6

This week’s theme is EMOTION.   I have all kinds of emotions running through my mind.  In fact,  I could probably be classified as an emotional person.  I cry when I’m sad. I cry when I’m mad.  I cry when I laugh. I cry when I’m happy.  I cry when the spirit moves me.  I cry when I listen to music.  I cry when babies get blessed at church.   Yup!   That’s me..  Emotional.  Period.  (I also turn red during the previously mentioned emotions)

So, the question is…  how do I capture emotion in a picture.   I’ve been thinking about it all week.   This morning when I got up it was a dark and gloomy morning.  It had rained a little bit over night and the skies were still grey.   The baron tree in my back yard had water droplets hanging from the branches.  They appeared to be crying.


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Jenn said...

That's a great representation of your emotion