Friday, July 24

It's Over

Well.. All good things must come up an end. I had my last lesson with Jessica Sprague.
We created photo grids. I chose pictures from my last trip to the Oregon Coast. I love it there! I wouldn't mind living there during the summer! After I created the grid, I realized I didn't even include my favorite activity! CRABBING!! I'm anxiously waiting for my next trip there!



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♥Jacqueline♥ said...

Mmmmmm, I love crabs, I love anything seafood. Your pics sure make me homesick for Washington, since I'm from the coast there..... Nice pictures, like always ;o)

Scrappy Girl said...

Gorgeous grid. I have never been to the Oregon coast but I feel like I have seen most of it thanks to several bloggy friends!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Great photo box .. the border makes it all complete!

Jane ... said...

Beautiful project! Your photos are awesome, and they were a great fit for this photo grid! It's not's just beginning! Blessings!

Barbara said...

Wow I just love this .... I need to take the time to learn some of these techniques. Have a great weekend. Smiles Barbara...
P.S. Lynda asked for a few pictures of the coast house so if you want to go to her wall on face book you can take a look. :)