Wednesday, July 22

Beat the Heat

This technique (Storyboard) that I just learned over at Jessica Sprague is ok… but I probably won’t use it much.. It 14 x 7.. Larger than most places will print….

I like the end result though……

This is the day we were over 100 and I decided it was time to drag out the doggie pool! Tanner loves water and gets so excited. He runs circles and chases me as I drag the pool across the yard.. before I even get the hose out! It’s quite the adventure!! Its actually pretty cheap entertainment. I usually have to buy a new pool every year or two. They're only about $10. Well worth it!

He bites at the water! Lays down in the water! Drinks the water! Runs across the yard and jumps into the water! He’s funny! I get about as wet as he does! Every couple of minutes he stands up and shakes off, then lays right back down into the nice cool water.

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Martha in PA said...

Looks like he is having FUN!

My Watery Wed

Linnea W said...

Oh..what a cute pooch! I'm sure it felt good to get in that water and splash around - Tanner's just like a little kid!

Cindy Coutts said...

What a cool dog you have! He looks just like my Buddy, all except Buddy is a water weenie and slinks around the pool getting real low for such a 75 pound dog!

Fabulous work you do too! I'll be sure to follow you.

Mamapippa said...

That's really COOL !

Judy said...

He looks so relaxed in the last pic. Great story board.

Judy said...

He looks so relaxed in the last pic. Great story board.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Dogs and water are like peas in a pod. EXCEPT for one Chihuahua I had ... he SANK.
Sounds crazy I know, but he really did!!