Saturday, July 25


ESTERLYN is a local band from Boise.. They're on tour right now with Kutless and StellarKart. Luke Caldwell is the lead singer, his dad is Paster Bob at Calvary Chapel.

His sister, Sarah, and her husband felt that God was leading them to adopt a child from China. They couldn't afford it. Plus, they felt strongly that they wanted to adopt a special needs child. He watched their obedience to God -- moving to an unfamiliar city to take a job that would allow them to afford the adoption process. He saw God move in their circumstances and their lives in powerful ways to confirm their every step. They had so much joy in the process. God brought them a little girl. Their whole family celebrated with them. Luke was so impacted -- watching them actually live out their faith. There is legitimacy to that. It's genuine. He wanted his band to be like that. This little girl, the gift that she is, how her story touched so many people -- that's what he wants their band to be. Her name is Esterlyn.

This is the song - I couldn't find a good video of them.

Sweet Love


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