Monday, July 7


It was a busy weekend. Friday was the holiday; picnics, friends, family fireworks.

Saturday Jenn and I spend most of the afternoon finishing up all of her wedding invites, RSVP cards and Thank You cards.

Sunday we went to Boise and I took over 200 pictures of Eric and Jenn (a few with Carter)


They want to print some to insert in invites etc.. We went to Kathryn Albertson Park and the Boise Train Depot. Time flies when you're having fun!!
Have a fabulous week!

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Slick said...

I spent the holiday at the train depot. Working....yuck.

Glad ya'll had a good time and it looks like you got plenty of work done!

Diane said...

You've been busy girl!!! Love the pics,Carter will break lots of little girls' hearts. He's too cute!

Matt-Man said...

Sounds and looks like a busy but fun weekend. Cheers Michelle!!

Judy said...

Looks like you have had a really big project.

Kim said...

Wow, looks like a lot of work but the handmade stuff is always a lot nicer...They look great! TFS