Wednesday, July 2

Love is Here

We live in a selfish world. It's all about me! How did we get this way? I'll love you if you do this for me! I'll love you if you do that for me! I'll love you if you like what I like! I'll love you if you believe what I believe! I'll love you if you look how I want you to look!

God loves us more than we can imagine. He has NO conditions! He has commanded us to love him with all of our hearts and minds and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We are to love our fellow beings despite how they treat us. " I will love you until I can love no more." In other words, with everything I have.

I pray that we will all know this kind of love.

Turn off the music at the bottom of the screen and listen to this new song by Tenth Avenue North. Love is Here..

Lyrics Love Is Here lyrics

Another Great song. This one by Paul Wright

Song lyrics Your Love Never Changes lyrics
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Scrappy Girl said...

All very very true!

-------------- said...

i pray for this all of the time! It's hard to fully comprehend that kind of love!

Patti Gingrich said...

Thanks for sharing the video for Love Is Here. It's a favorite of mine. The words stir my spirit.