Tuesday, July 15

Swan Falls

Here are more pictures as promised. When you leave Kuna south on Swan Falls Road you're in the middle of the hot barren desert. About 15 mile south you reach Initial Point . Established in 1867, a US Geological Survey brass marker on the top of this prominent lava butte is the starting survey point in the State of Idaho. Further South you enter the Birds of Prey Conservation area at Dedication Point.
If you take Kuna Caves road west.. You can explore a huge underground cave, which is basically a huge air bubble from the lava flows, underground. The Bureau of Land Management discourage the public from exploring them. But the locals all know where the Kuna Caves are.
About 23 Miles south of Kuna you reach the Snake River Canyon. You drive down a windy road and enter a park to view the dam. There is a small park for picnicing and fishing. If you head West you can drive down a dirt road along the river, entering further into the Canyon. You can catch Bass, Rainbow Trout, and Catfish in the river. There is also Sturgeon but they are protected and cannot be taken out of the river.
These pictures were taken at the top of the canyon and while we were picnicing in the park.
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Vicki said...

Beautiful pictures - sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Lisa said...

Beautiful pics!

Matt-Man said...

Great pics, but after seeing all of that water, I have to go pee now. Cheers Michelle!!