Saturday, March 31

Mating Season

When I was on my photo walk a couple of weeks ago I noticed all of the geese chasing each other and starting to build their nests and lay eggs.   If you’ve read my blog long, you know that I love geese.   I even have a few decorative pieces hanging around my house and have even painted a few.

Well Hello!

I also noticed a few other critters.


Here is a another photo of downtown Boise taken from the Boise Depot at the top of Capitol Blvd.    I zoomed in to get a closer detailed shot.  

Isn’t the fresh snow in the foothills pretty?

The Boise Depot

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One Fantastic Housewife! said...

How cool to see Boise! It is very pretty. I love geese too. We had 5 on our pond but Ron had to take them away. They were staying on my sidewalk and they poo EVERYWHERE! It was like walking through a mine field.