Sunday, April 1

Week 13 - Nature

The M4H project 52 theme for this week is Nature.   How do you take a nature picture when the entire week has been rain?   I knew my Saturday was going to be very busy and possibly no time to think about project 52.  After work Friday I put on my 55-250 lens , opened up my back door, (yes it was raining)  and zoomed in on my maple tree to get a shot of the blooms.    In a few weeks these blooms with be seed pods and will be everywhere in my back yard.   When we were kids we called them mustaches.   LOL!  That is what they look like.  

The sun came out yesterday and it got up the the low 70’s. Today it is 41.  I took some senior pictures for a friend, then I picked up the grandkids for the afternoon and they spent the night.  My daffodils finally opened up.  They would have been great for this theme.   We cleaned out the front flower beds just before the cold front blew in.  Now I need to go to the nursery and find some flowers for a couple of my pots.  Enjoy your week!


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