Thursday, April 5


I was reminded today of the book ornament that I painted for the Library of Congress (in Washington DC) Christmas tree.   I had to look it up again.  Wow!  That was  back in 2005. “Creativity Across America” was the theme.   I painted a picture of the Sawtooth Mountains in beautiful Stanley Idaho.

Decorative painters from all over the United States were sent a blank book shaped wood cut-out.  I think it was around 5x7.  We were to paint something representing our State. Deb Malewski, a very talented designer organized the project. You can read more about it HERE.

Decorating the tree…

Isn’t it pretty?   I really need to dig out my brushes and put them to better use.

Be Creative!

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mE said...

That is SUUUPER cool! And YES, you need to pull out your brushes more often! I LOVE my angel painting and am proud to have it displayed in my home. :)