Saturday, April 7


I’m not much of a bling and jewelry wearer.  I think about the only time I wear a necklace and earrings is on Sunday, to church.    It may happen on other occasions, but not often…

I have a small collection of necklaces, and they seem to be always tangled and they don’t quite fit in my jewelry box.  

Because I like old distressed things, I really wanted to find an old rake to turn upside down and use the claws to hang necklaces from. 

I could never find one so I decided to get crafty and make something to hang them on.  There are so many ideas on Pinterest.   I wanted it to be fairly basic because I found these awesome knobs to use at Hobby Lobby.

I first painted the wood with Americana Burnt Umber.  After it was dry,  I rubbed clear shoe polish on some of the edges and other areas.   (a candle also works for this).   I then painted a top coat of  Slate Blue mixed with just a touch of Ivory.    I lightly sanded the edges.   The paint doesn’t stick to the shoe polish areas.  After the paint was dry I brushed on a clear matte sealer then attached the knobs.

What do you think?  It’s going to be nice having them hanging and so much easier to grab one when I want to wear it.   Maybe I’ll buy a few more?


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