Saturday, March 10

Week 10 – Mr. Personality

I don’t know about everyone else doing the My Four Hens project 52, but each week I have a hard time coming up with a picture.   Each week I pretty much have to do it on a Saturday when I’m off work and there is daylight…. This weeks word is PERSONALITY 

Today I snapped a shot of My handyman.   He hates when I get the camera out and he hates me to take his picture.   He either turns his head real quick or  has the middle finger pose. (he knows I won’t share those.)  I’m sure when he reads this blog I won’t hear the end of it :) I'll just roll my eyes and pretend I don't hear him.    I’ve told him that I need to record his life just like everyone else. 

He was cooking dinner tonight (Chicken curry)   I'm sure there is some technical name for the dish but that is what I call it.    I grabbed my camera and took a shot of Mr. Personality.   I love him and he has a heart of gold. (even if he hates my camera)   OH!  and he loves to cook for me!


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