Saturday, January 7

Resolution – Week 1

I’ve never done a photo challenge.   Quite a few people I know do them each year.  I’ve read several blogs of photographers that do the  365 challenges which seem really overwhelming to take a photo a day.     It’s hard for me because I go to work at 6am and don’t have a lot of time each evening to take a picture; especially when there is a theme.   A 52 week challenge seems more manageable.   1 photo a week should be ok.   

I’ve purchased Photoshop actions from Sara over at My Four Hens for a few years.   She is sponsoring the challenge. You can read more about it here…  There are no special rules and you can start at any time. 

Week 1 is Resolution.   I resolve to expand my knowledge.  Knowledge is one of Christ’s attributes, and the one I choose to work on this year.  How do I do that?  By studying..

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