Tuesday, January 24

Power Tools


{Heart}  power tools.   As most of you know, I paint.  Decorative painting, Tole painting, whatever you want to call it, that’s one of my hobbies.  I cut most of my own wood so I have a couple of different kinds of saws, sanders etc…    It shouldn’t  surprise you that I asked for a new DeWalt palm sander  for Christmas and Santa delivered.  I finally pulled it out of the box today to work on a new project.

I bought the items I needed for this project sometime in November.   I needed a little prep done by My Handyman before I could get started.  I told him it was no rush because, well…  I was just too busy creating things for Christmas.    I am Grateful for his help. He finished up for me a couple of weeks ago so now it’s time for me to begin.

The piece of wood is sanded, drilled and ready for paint.   I painted the base with Traditional Burnt Umber.  I use Americana paints by Decoart.  They are my favorite. 

The  base coat is really the undercoat.   It will look much different when finished.   You know me and my distressed look!  I’m trying to decide if I’ll use blues or green’s….  

I guess you’ll find out when it’s done!


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Pam Speidel said...

oh boy, i can't wait to see what you're creating now! I think i know... ;)
p.s. love your new blog banner too! X i like you! ♥

Mama Bair said...

I love that you have power tools. My husband doesn't share tools well so I buy and hide mine so he can't use them. I just wish I was as creative as you.