Sunday, May 17

Look Alikes

While scanning old pictures, I came across this one of my Dad when he was a young boy.
He was the youngest of 9 kids. I don't know how my Grandma raised them all on her own. His dad died when my dad was only 15 months old.


At the same time I found this picture of my baby sister, Krinkle.
Don't you think they look like they're related?


Love ya Krink!!

My daughter in law posted on her blog the other day "Where Am I?" on how much Carter - My Grandson looks just like his dad and not like her!

Jenn and Carter


Where do you get your looks???

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1 comment:

Speedcat Hollydale said...

These photos really made me smile!

I always hear "You look familiar" ... almost every day, but nobody ever says "who I look like". My Mother and Father have very different facial structure, so I am a meld of sorts.