Tuesday, May 12

CJ Strike

Saturday My Handyman and I went fishing! We loaded all the gear in the truck and headed South East to CJ Strike Reservoir.


If you didn't already know. South West Idaho is desert. Dry, Dusty, Hot, Sagebrush Desert! And I live right in the middle of it. Even though Idaho is about 2/3 Mountains and a sportsman's paradise; Most residents live in the desert! I never realized it was the desert until I was a middle aged adult and headed to the lush greenness of the Midwest for a hot humid summer experience! To me the desert was like the documentaries I watched on TV; Africa, with huge Sand Dunes and sand pounding winds. Elephants traveling through the sand storms desperately in search of a tiny drop of water to keep them alive.


We have several large rivers flowing through our state. The largest is the Snake River. There are several dams along the river which create reservoirs. Man made lakes. The dams produce power for us. Idaho power sells over 50% of the power produced here to California.


Its Spring and the water temperatures are rising. Crappie are nesting and its the time to catch them. We started out a little late so got in on the tail end of the action but we managed to catch about 15 and brought a nice stringer home. There was this huge dead trash fish - AKA CARP laying down wind of us.... ICKY!


My Handyman cleaned and filleted them before I could take a picture. Nothing better than a fresh fish feed! The snake river has huge sturgeon. CJ strike is a popular place to fish for them. They're several hundred pounds. They're a protected species and can't be taken out of the water.



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Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love fishing as well. It's one of Boo and my favorite thing to do and we live in the desert as well. But, I have to say that with fish as big as that sturgeon, you may convince me to move! That's a huge fish!!!

It may be time to stock the fridge again!!!

Tiffany said...

We used to live in St. George, UT and spent our afternoons trolling Quail Lake- it was a fabulous way to spend the day!

T. said...

While I was stopping by my husband looked at the screen and said "holy crap" when he saw the size of that sturgeon lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Fellow SITSta,

Vicki said...

Wow that was a HUGE fish - my husband and son love to fish also