Wednesday, March 31

I am

I am taking a journaling typography class.   It teaches how to journal and take pieces of the journaling and create typography for projects.  We make a scrap page for each day’s journaling.     This one is all about me…

Here are the list of question with my answers.   Go ahead.. Give it a try and start journaling.
1. I am proud of my -   ability to create.
2. I am amazed by -  God’s love.
3. I am blessed with -  a loving Family.
4. I am a sucker for – a good clearance sale.
5. I am calmed by -  peace and quiet.
6. I am always  up for  - an outdoor adventure.
7. I am ready to -  Simplify.
8. I am excited by -  other peoples enthusiasm.
9. I am listening to -   Air 1 – The positive alternative.
10.I am intrigued by -  other cultures.
11.I am challenged by – learning new things.
12.I am honored by – teaching.
13. I am amused by – old Family stories.
14. I am impatient with -  stupid drivers.
15. I am scared of – Government control.
16.I am proudest of – My Children.
17. I am unsure of -  the future.
18. I am guilty of -  not going to the gym enough.
19. I am oblivious of – Hollywood stars.
20. I am distracted by  - art projects.
21. I am embarrassed by – belly fat.
22. I am awed by – Nature.
23. I am tired of -  Getting no sleep.
24. I am a bit of  a – Clean freak.
25. I am shy about – meeting new people.
26. I am lost without -  a notebook and pencil.

Enjoy! Create! Simplify!

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Scrappy Girl said...

Those are great questions and answers to scrap...very fun to look back on in the future.

Natalie said...

Very inspiring. Nice to sit and reflect every now and then.

Pam Speidel said...

Mish, this is so AWESOME!!! I love love love it...especially your journaling! Everytime I see one of your layouts, I want to drop everything and do one too! :)

Pam Speidel said...

p.s. just copied this and saved it to my "inspiration" folder! :)