Sunday, March 14

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Spring has Sprung!    Well last weekend I thought it had.. That crazy Mother Nature.   She is such a tease!   
Last weekend My Handyman and I went out to enjoy the beautiful, sunny and warm Spring day..  It was almost 60!   Yesterday it snowed!   Gotta love living in Idaho!  
Anywho…    we decided to get out of the house…  Cabin fever can take a tole on a person…   We decided to go to the MK Nature center  (Downtown Boise) and take a walk around and look at the wildlife.   It’s a great place to take a little stroll..   This time of year the rebirthing has begun.   Birds are nesting, fish are swimming , brooks are babbling, and a tiny hint of green is starting to show.

No fishing zone!   Let me tell you…  this really put the bug in me…  Time to get my 2010 license.  Beautiful Rainbow Trout…  My guestimate….  3 – 5 lbs each..

My favorite!   The geese!   I love geese!

Wait!   Maybe its the fish…  I’m so indecisive!    I just cant decide…   I love wildlife…  Thanks Dad for instilling this into my soul…  the beauty of nature leaves me in awe!

Did I mention the Wood duck???   Look at his brilliant red eye…   Stunning!

Enjoy!  Create!  Simplify!

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Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Beautiful pictures (as usual) Michelle. I have never seen the salmon swimming upstream before.

Roger said...

WoW! No fishing zone! that sucks! That looks like a great place to try some of my experimental fly's I tie just for trout like that.

I love all your shots especially the trout. I do not no what your post processing is but in adobe elements on the trout shot, if you do a auto levels or a custom level for white balance, those trout will be swimming off the screen.

Couldn't ask for better geese shots they look like they were posing for you. You get a chance enter that in the Statesman photo contest.

A wood duck wow! I want a photo of one! I never have a camera handy when I see one.

Awesome photos Michelle!!