Friday, January 4


So happy its Friday! I only worked three days but... its quarter end! Need I say more? I had a fabulous workout after work! I'm usually at ATC for about 1 1/2 hours. I've tried the elliptical a couple of times and I was having alot of problems! I could hardly do it for 1 minute! I was dying! I've been tread milling pretty regular for about 3 years and I couldn't even do the dang elliptical for a minute!!!! Well... we've been at the gym for 2 months.. I'm feeling pretty good and dropping a few inches and pounds so I'm thinking.. This should be a piece of cake!! I thought I would try it again. I got on it today and lasted about 1 1/2 minutes! What the heck?? The girl next to me was going like crazy and had been for about 15 minute. I asked her how in the heck she does it and she stopped a minute and looked at my machine.. HHMMM! It was set at the maximum levels which must be the default! GEEEZ! no wonder I was dying. Once I got the settings correct! It's a miracle! I was on it for 20 minutes... That was after I'd already been at the gym for an hour. WHOO HOO! I love that machine now! It will be a regular! I guess it helps to know what you're doing. The fitness routine has been going pretty good. I average 3-4 times a week at ATC and the treadmill at home a couple of times a week. The first month I lost 7 pounds and 13 inches.. We weigh in again next week. I was down about 6 pounds then I was on vacation last week and NO GYM! That really makes a difference. I weighed myself Wed at the gym and I was up a couple of pounds so I'm guessing I'm down about 4 pounds? Which is pretty darn good for going through the holiday season! We'll see!!!

Scissorbella starts her new job in just over a week! She wants me to make some cards for her so that she can send out business cards. She'll be working at Rain Spa and Salon. The colors are chocolate, bamboo, light green and a touch of soft orange. I made this tiny example for her. We've got to get busy and make the real thing. This card is made using CTMH Chocolate, Bamboo and Sweet Leaf CS. The stamp is Stampin Up! Artfully Asian. What do you think?


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