Wednesday, January 16

The In Laws

My inlaws are arriving this evening. My handyman is at the airport now to pick them up. They're leaving their cold winter home in Minnesota to visit us in our cold winter Idaho home! :)

Card 7 & 8 -
This card was made using C1271 - Treasures of the Heart and B1296 - Joy Forever
This card was made using C1286 - Goodness of Life
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dorothymae said...

Your In-laws are coming? How nice. Do you think they will enjoy having Tanner sleep with them? Is this their first visit to Idaho? Wish I could be there, I really liked Handyman's folks, when we all went to Vegas for your honeymoon, (explain that one to your blogging friens. hehehe) and I had the pleasure of meeting them. Give Wilt and the kids a hug for me.