Thursday, January 17

Is it Friday Yet?

My inlaws flew into town last night. My handman called to tell me the flight was going to be a little late. He was bored at the airport. The spoiled rotten dog was laying next to my feet while I was reading my blog favorites online. Suddenly his hair stood on end and he started that low, killer growl. It was chilling! I couldn't figure out why. It was too soon for the arrival of the Snowbirds. I peeked through the blinds and there was three Ada County sherriff cars with their lights flashing and their spotlights on my house!! There was an unfamiliar vehicle in the driveway. One of the Badged Dudes seen me peeking and held his hand up. (meaning Beware!) This really freaked me out! I quickly grabbed the the phone book and called the local dispatcher. I gave them my name and address and they told me to stay in the house; that the scene was being secured! This really made me feel safe!!! "What do you mean, secured?" I said. They said that the Sherriff had been following a car they thought was a possible drunk driver from Meridian through Kuna and then into our subdivision. (over 10 miles) She assured me that one of the officers would let me know the details soon. "Why did he pick MY driveway?" I kept peeking out the window for over 30 minutes. They had flairs in the road so no cars could enter. Meanwhile I'm thinking! What an impression for the inlaws that have never been to our house! They'd think "What kind of hood does my family live in?" My husband would have freaked and thought something was wrong with me. Their arrival was nearing as the seconds ticked by. Finally, one of the officers knocked on the door. It was cold out and he was wearing his gloves and beanie so I let him come inside. Evidently, the elderly gentleman had dementia and was disoriented. He does live down the street from me, but was confused. He did have a warrent so they handcuffed him and hauled him off. The officer told me they would be removing the vehicle and be on their way. I told him " Could you PLEASE hurry it up because the inlaws would be here any second. He laughed and joked with me for a minute then said. Now that is a story to tell! They were gone with no evidence. Three minues later, My Handyman and the Snowbirds arrived!!
Card 9 & 10

This card was made using C1271 - Joy Forever and A1094 - Make my Day

This card was made using C1271 - Treasures of the Heart

These cards are from a template I use to create 10 cards using 3 peices of cardstock and 1 peice of B&T Paper. I've held several workshops and its fun to see the variety using different colors and paper choices.
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Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

That must have been so freaky! I am glad it was resolved with no issues arising.

Beautiful cards.
Thanks for sharing!

Jeanne said...

Wow, that must have been scary! Glad to hear it wasn't worse than it actually turned out to be.

dorothymae said...

How come you have all the fun? Hehehe. Really, I'm glad you're safe and that Tanner was on his toes for you........

Cristie said...

How funny! I wish your inlaws would have arrived at the scene. They'd have a fun story to go home and tell everyone. Glad you're o.k.

ashley said...

where am i for all this excitement?! shooot.