Friday, January 11

Happy Birthday

Today is punk snowboarders 26th birthday!
4 1/2 months old
3 years old
7 years old
17 years old
See Yesterdays post for a current picture!!

Every once in a while in your running-everywhere childhood, I'd see you in a moment of quiet and catch a glimpse of the man you'd one day be...I knew you'd be a good, loving man. I knew I'd be proud of you... I just never could have guessed how much! Happy Birthday!
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tyrymom29 said...

What a cutie ...You must be very proud of the Man hes becomed ...Happy birthday !!!
His son his gorgeous too!!!

Sandee said...

Happy Birthday Eric. Carter looks just like Eric did. I forgot what a cutie Eric was (and still is). Those fat little cheeks you just want to pinch:)

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

What an incredibly sweet post Michelle. Thanks for sharing.