Thursday, May 10


The other night I tried taking a few picture of the SUPER MOON.  Well I did more than try.   I set up my tripod and took several at different Apertures, ISO’s and Shutter Speeds.   Depending on the setting the moon was either too bright or too dark.  If I wanted any moon detail I couldn’t see any of the tree’s.  My zoom lens is only 55-250 which really doesn’t zoom enough for the moon and the dark, which makes the pictures pretty grainy.  Anyway..  It looks just like any other full moon to me…  It was a beautiful calm clear evening though.

The biggest excitement of the evening was that I broke my toe.  I had all of my camera gear on the floor putting it away and as I was sitting down in my old spiky legged chair,  it scooted a little and landed right on my toe.   Crunch!    Stranger things have happened during a full moon. 


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Jenn said...

I never know about the super moon thing until the day of the event. I think it would be fun to go up on Federal Way and get a pic as the moon is rising over the mountains. It would definitely look huge then!