Tuesday, May 29

Open Range

Did you know that Idaho is an Open Range state?  





25-2118. Animals on open range -- No duty to keep from highway. No person owning, or controlling the possession of, any domestic animal running on open range, shall have the duty to keep such animal off any highway on such range, and shall not be liable for damage to any vehicle or for injury to any person riding therein, caused by a collision between the vehicle and the animal. "Open range" means all uninclosed lands outside of cities, villages and herd districts, upon which cattle by custom, license, lease, or permit, are grazed or permitted to roam.


[25-2118, added 1961, ch. 249, sec. 1, p. 415.]

If you like driving off the beaten path and like to explore…  more than likely you’ll run into a few of these…

Black Angus seem to be the popular beef product in Idaho.   There are thousands and thousand of acres of ranch lands all over the state.  (Probably more that potato farms).

This big boy was watching over his harem.

And yes!  They are not fenced in…  They are on the side of the road, in the middle of the road and out in the field.   So…. slow down because if you hit one of them…   you’re going to be owing the rancher some big bucks.


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Barbara said...

Alls I can say is Mooooo... As my dad used to do when we were kids when we would drive by cows.

They are curious to see what you are up to for sure

The Best Summer Ever! said...

That is cool. I love seeing animals! I have hit a deer before so I definitely would hate to slam into one of those big suckers!