Friday, December 10

A Winter Walk

Last weekend I went on a quick walk along the greenbelt next to Indian Creek.   I was amazed at how many fat little fluffy birds were in all of the trees, shrubs and twigs.   I tried to take a few pictures but they were too quick.  It was an overcast and snowy Winter day,  but my walk Turned out very nice.

I love the heart shaped snow on the branch!

I even spotted some Hope!

What do you enjoy about Winter?

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Diana said...

FANTASTIC images. Love your blog. Met you on Picture the Holidays!

Roger said...

Did you just ask me... "What do you enjoy about Winter?" I do not think you would like my answer lol, you know I cant stand Winter.
But I am glad you can enjoy it.

There is going to be a huge meteor shower the next couple of days I hope the sky's are clear Monday and Tuesday night so I can take photos.