Sunday, November 21

Busy as a Bee

I've been really busy painting and making projects...  and I can't really post everything because some of them are custom orders and ... well...   I don't want to take the chance that someone may take a peek at my blog.  I've started on a few Christmas cards. I learned a new way to make paper flowers. I went to a Stampin Up! party and learned how to make a new punched edge.   Maybe I can share that with you.  This is the card we made.  See that fun edge?  It's made with THIS punch.

Basically you punch across the ivory card stock, evenly spaced,  then fold the edge back and slide in a a piece of pretty designed paper.   Love it!



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Scrappy Girl said...

That is quite the nifty idea.

Diane said...

Oh Michele,that is so neat!!
Beautiful card! TFS!!!
Feeling much better today,migraine free!!!

Roger said...

Your a creative guru Michelle I hope you have the heat turned up in this blasted cold weather. Have a happy T-bird day! :)