Wednesday, November 10

Holiday Happenings

It will be here before we know it..  I can’t quite say the word even though I’ve been preparing for a few weeks.   Here are a few things going on in the craft room.

This is about as clean as its going to get for a few weeks.

I am a list maker.  I always have lists of various things and one of them is cards I need to make.   I used a glue dot on this small clothes pin and attached to my ink stack. I can attach my list for an easy glance. 

Embossed snowflakes and more.  I usually make about 150 cards for Christmas and I’m just starting…   Busy! Busy!

I have a work bench and table in the 3rd stall of the garage where I do all of my woodcutting and painting .

What’s going on in your craft room?

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CharityHand said...

I'm coveting that awesome ink pad holder you've got there! And those cards you're working on are just lovely.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I am also in line for your ink shelving. Fantastic idea!
I love the cards you are making and I am not mentioning what is coming either. If I don't say it does that mean I have more time to get ready for it??? Gee i hope so!
My craft room at the moment looks like an ornament production line. Very messy and in need of a clean up.