Thursday, October 28


I love driving around and looking at old things.   Old places.  Old towns. Old Graveyards.  

I love reading the headstones; wondering what their story is.   You know everyone has a story, and if you knew their story you would probably love them. Everyone buried had a family.  

When we went on our day trip to Placerville last weekend we stopped at the Cemetery there.  The headstones were so elaborate.  A lot of people born in other countries.  The old Cemeteries in the mountains amaze me.  I can’t imagine digging the hard packed soil on the side of a mountain.


These were probably 8 – 10 feet tall.

More Fall colors…

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doggybloggy said...

cool pictures - GREAT POST!

Jane said...

OMG!!!! My husband and I do this, too. We love to prowl around old cemeteries and imagine the stories behind the graves. So interesting, a bit spooky, yet somehow peaceful, isn't it? Great post!