Sunday, October 17


Last weekend I shot some photo’s of Sofee.  It was quite the adventure.   When my friend asked me to take pictures of her cat I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.    We had some plans for indoor photo’s but it was an overcast day and her house was too dark, so we ventured outside. 

Sofee didn’t want to cooperate.  I decided to just let her wander around and shoot whatever I could get.   Sofee is a Ragdoll.  She’s getting her long coat in preparation for Winter.  She is a Humane Society rescue.  

This photo will be entered into the Humane Society Calendar contest.   Isn’t she pretty?  Those blue eyes are amazing.

“ Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.”

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Pam Speidel said...

Incredibly beautiful vibrant photos Mish! You've got skills girl!

Lorie said...

Those are fabulous! I do love the last one and I'm sure you will win that calendar contest! :o)

Scrappy Girl said...

Gorgeous! I just want to squeeze her.

Jenn said...

What a gorgeous cat!!

Angel said...

Cool pics! Did they make the calendar?