Monday, June 21

Brush Strokes

Well..  I can hardly go a couple of days without coming up with more projects.  I haven’t picked up my paint brushes since last Winter.  I decided to gather up some surfaces, pulled out the scroll saw and started planning.  Sunday  I cut out a few pieces of wood and the newest projects have begun..

While I was in the garage working… we had quite the show going on outside.   That old Mr. Thunder sure can holler loud!  It was pouring rain so hard we had a little creek running down the middle of the Burbs.   I can’t believe its the Summer Solstice and we got down into the 30’s a couple of days ago.     On a positive note…  we’ve only had to use our sprinklers a couple of times.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the projects.    I like the country, prim look. 

“Each laugh makes you ten years younger”

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