Sunday, June 20

Vintage Pyrex

Guess what?  I picked up the rest of my fabulous vintage finds at the consignment shop.  I’ve had them on layaway for a few weeks…

They have so much stuff to look at…  I could easily buy and buy… but I don’t like clutter…  so I control myself  and just look…    They have these really awesome old leather boots.  I’m thinking they would look great with flowers planted in them and placed in my flowers.   HHmmmm….   still thinking about it.

“Every once in a while. Take the scenic route.”

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Ruthie said...

I remember my mom having some of these when I was little girl (I'll be 61 in July!) just seeing them brought back memories of my childhood! Thanks for sharing!

mE said...

OH THOSE ARE GORGEOUS! I totally love prim/folk artsy schtuff! These are super cool pieces!

PS... Go buy the boots! and then share them with us :)