Monday, March 31


I love fonts! If you're into scrapbooking and creating or anything digital.. You probably love fonts too. Here are a few great sites for free fonts

Kevin and Amanda
Misprinted type
Scrapbooking Fonts

It seems that while I use my Photoshop program.. it takes alot of memory to create scrapbook pages. My computer is only about 3 years old but it's ancient compared to the new ones. My Handyman was able to order me some memory at his cost. $36 for 2G .. I'll get it this week and that should improve my low memory errors.

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Karma - Attend to little things before they get bigger....

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Diane said...

Love your music Michelle,I don't have the greatest memories either and I don't do much scrapbooking.
Please check my blog cuz you're up for an award!!!