Saturday, March 22


I will be cooking Ham amongst other things tomorrow for Easter. All the kids will be coming over. Its not often we all get together on the same day. I hope we have a lovely Spring Day. Jenn wants me take pictures of them at the park. Its been awhile..

For some reason this picture makes me think of my Rockstar Chick. She has had many hair colors over the years. HHMM now that I think of it.. all my Punks have had many hair colors!
The year My Handyman and I got married was no exception. Rockstar Chick decided she wanted blue hair. It was a beautiful color (I must admit). It was a Bright Teal with shades of Royal Blue. I was teaching a painting class out in the garage. There was about a dozen of us. The Chick made her appearance and all the girls were admiring the colors! "Oh it matches your eyes" "I love the color!" "I wish I were that brave" Of course she was taking it all in... She was about 19 then. As soon as she went back in the house... They looked at me and reaffirmed how beautiful it was and asked how I felt about it.. I said "Not if you're the Mother!" LOL! They soon agreed they probably wouldn't want their daughter to do it either.. It's Ok if it's somebody else's child!

The day of the Marriage was fast approaching. We didn't do anything fancy. We had an appointment with the Judge, a few family members attended and we exchanged vows in the Judges Chambers. It was a pretty Spring Day.. Easter was late that year. (Mid April).
By then the hair color was fading and was a lighter shade of teal. Wilt and I were a little nervous. (Don't know why... we had already lived together over 6 years) Immediately the judge looked around and said. "It looks like we had an Easter Egg Accident" It was funny! and of course the Chick was ecstatic! We soon relaxed and became Man and Wife!
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dorothymae said...

It was funny? I do believe I went into hysterics that day since the judge was totally somber when he made the comment. It was one of those, oh soooo good, belly laughs. And, remember, her dress matched her hair color to perfection.