Wednesday, March 5


I don't don't know what it is about fresh plowed dirt.... but its one of my favorite smells! In the Spring when the farmers start plowing the fields, I love it! It must be because I was surrounded by spud fields as a child growing up. Nothing better than the good ole Idaho Spud!!
I was at Home Depot last weekend and found some fabulous garden gloves. I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands in the dirt. SPRING... where are you??
I want to plant something.. see something bloom. My sisters pussy willow is blooming already. My trees are still bare branches!

Speaking of dirt.. I reminisce about a desire I would like to add back into my life! I used to have this big gorgeous garden in my back yard! I love planting vegetables and reaping the rewards! MMMM... I love fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, etc! Its making me salivate thinking about it! I could live on fresh fruits and veggies. I think I inherited that from my Dad. Add a fabulous steak occasionally and some Idaho spawned trout and I'm a happy camper.

OK.. Back to the dirt. A couple of years ago we had Caddy Shack in our back yard. Have you ever seen the movie with Bill Murray???
We have a big field behind our house. The home of the GOPHERS! We had a big beautiful lush green garden, flourishing with fresh vegetables! Peas, beans,a variety of squash, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, strawberries, etc.. I swear it was the Chinese year of the GOPHER! I think the entire population of our small rural town Gophers were invited to the summer potluck! We had 12 raised garden beds. I would be out weeding and enjoying the warmth of the summer sun! and suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I could see the lettuce leaves shaking.. then the onions... they were swaying to the rhythm of the falling rain.. OOPS back on subject! The onions were the preferred flavor! I would grab the onion and pull it and the gopher would pull the otherway. My Handyman decided he was going to take control of the situation! He is the master! He decided he would win the war! One day the garden was full of activity. Plants rocking and rolling everywhere. Out came the shovels, the hoses, etc. One plant would shake and Handyman would stick the hose in the dirt.. water pouring at full force down the hole. A couple of boxes over another plant would shake and in went another hose. I tried to assure him that he was just watering the back field for the local farmer! He was in a fury, listening to nothing I would tell him. This lasted all day.. I'm sure the field behind the fence was a muddy mess. I would peek out the back door and snicker. Handyman was hunched over a plant with the shovel over his shoulder ready to hit the damn gopher over the head. An hour later he was in another area of the garden striking a pose! After hours of anticipation.. I heard a knock on the back door! I opened it up.. Handyman had a bigger than life grin on his face and a bloody trophy sitting in the garden shovel. The enemy had been concored!

Until the next day when his cousin moved into the condo! I miss my garden!!
I'm surprised the big toothed dude isn't mounted and hanging in the house!!

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